My hope and prayer is to encourage curiosity and studying as a means by which God will lead you in His will.  I will begin with a testimony:  Every year I spend time praying about and looking for materials God would have presented to the young people the Sunday before camp.  This year God […]


2018 Missouri Reunion Report

Friday Opening Prayer Service, Friday morning–Priest Bruce Haines was in charge and Apostle Roland Sarratt assisted. Br. Bruce asked the question, “Where do we put our trust?” He told us perilous times are coming…spiritually as well as physically.  Things are not always as they seem to be. President Ronald Reagan used the Russian quote, “Trust, […]

Phoenix Local Report Spring-Summer 2018

While summer heats things up here in the Phoenix area, we haven’t let it slow us down one bit!  For the young people at our local, it’s been a busy past few months! The Intermediate and Junior Young Peoples enjoyed a trip to the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park on April 21st. Everyone had a great time, […]

East Independence Local Report Spring-Summer 2018

Spring flew by so fast…that April feels like long ago.  Conference activities and meetings went well. We have our Local’s business meeting results to share: Elder David Rudd was reelected as our Pastor, with Assistant Pastors being Elders Isaac Brockman and Steve McGhee. Priest Kevin McGhee is again our Sunday School Superintendent. Sr. Diane Brockman […]

Bradley Local News Spring-Summer 2018

With the grass full and green and flowers blooming bright, we are happy to have everyone back from their winter travels.  Our cold northern weather sends many of our brothers and sisters to Florida through early spring.  The warm weather has returned to Michigan and it’s wonderful to have everyone back together. Our children’s Sunday […]

Brant-Norfolk Church of Christ Reunion 2017

On Friday, October 20, 2017, many of the saints gathered together at the Brant-Norfolk church, located in Teeterville, Ontario, Canada. In attendance were 75 people, traveling from Arizona, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, New York and Kenya. Following a dinner and fellowship, we were blessed to have the word of the Lord delivered to us through Elder […]

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